Mills Machine Classification

Macchine Mulini Classificazione

STMMicron is at the cutting edge of design and manufacture of machines for dry grinding and selection. Our milling machines and dynamic classifiers can process many types of product into powder or grains.


Our dry grinding technologies give excellent performance in terms of production and granulometric, testifying to the high quality of our machinery.


We supply machines in the following major categories:

  • Grinding mills
  • Micronization or refining mills
  • Classifying mills or dynamic separators


Accessories Dosage and Injection

Accessories for injection and dosage

Our range of dosage machines includes a line of modular microdosers for powders and heterogeneous substances, as well as various storage modules and injection and pneumatic transport systems for products, all characterized by flexibility and precision.

We supply dosers in the following major categories:

  • Microdosers with volumetric feed screws, compliant with ATEX legislation
  • Complete injection and pneumatic transport systems
  • Modular bulk sack outlets



  • Air and Water Pollution Control

    Air and Water Pollution Control

    STMMicron offers a series of machines conceived and designed specifically for the purification of gaseous and liquid waste products from industrial processes. Today the BICARMILL brand is universally recognized as a symbol of purification.

  • Chemistry


    The processing of organic and inorganic chemical substances is facilitated by meticulous design and installation of systems which cater specifically for the properties of the product to be treated. Systems are: Atex, Cryogenic grinding, turnkey installations.

  • Life Science

    Life Science

    Niche applications for powdered substances and research into the latest market developments both play a part in our strategy for growth; this macro sector includes animal feeds, human food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, products in developmental phase or in the process of patenting.

  • Minerals and Metals

    Minerals and Metals

    STMMicron has extensive skills and experience in this sector, with a significant number of installations and tests carried out. Milling technology, properly applied, results in economies in processing and excellent standards of granulation.

  • Rubbers and Plastics


    The milling and recycling of elastomers or plastics is carried out by STMMicron in a cryogenic atmosphere, with liquid nitrogen giving high yield and notable end results. This type of system is deservedly well-known for quality and technology.

  • Pigments and Paints

    Pigments and Paints

    Colours are used in countless industrial applications, especially in ceramics and pigments for tiles. Over time STMMicron has taken the lead, marketing new concepts and innovative systems for industrial processes.