The Company

STM Micron, Inc. has its roots in Europe, where STM S.R.L., an Italian company, has been producing milling machines and dosing systems of all types for 45 years. This experience has now been brought to the United States.

Thanks to our constant development work to deliver ever more efficient products, STM S.R.L. has earned a leadership position in the fields of nutraceuticals, food, minerals and chemicals.

Our clients the world over can count on a technical staff second to none to bring our experience in milling and dosing to any new process or technical problem.

Today, STM Micron has the ability to serve this vast market thanks to the organization created here: Our sales and commercial office, based in New Jersey, and our engineering and manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

In order to best serve the technical and commercial needs of our clients, STM Micron offers the following:

  • The highest standard of quality
  • The highest standard of service
  • A competitive price

STM Micron is not merely and equipment supplier. One of the most important services STM Micron provides is that of our laboratory, where we help develop and test new processes for our clients, before they commit to a purchase.

Our proven team of engineers is able to provide any technical assistance in building new plants or retrofits, by integrating in an optimal way our products and knowhow, always following US safety and environmental standards.

Quality Assurance

STMMicron is working towards obtaining certification for its system of quality assurance.

QA acts as support to all the firm's operations, basing its activities on the testing centre and laboratory, which are fully equipped with the latest instruments.

QA is responsible for:

  • The establishment, development and monitoring of the company's quality control system
  • Compliance with quality criteria during all stages of production: planning, construction and final testing
  • Checking and calibration of portable instrumentation used by the Assistance team
  • Updating and development of the operations database.


Company Profile

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